Hydropower Station
Anhui Xiangshuijian Pumped Storage Power Station
    The station lies in the border of Sanshan Region, in Wuhu City of Anhui Province, nearby the load center of East China Power Grid. Dynamic investment in the station amounts to 3.8 billion RMB yuan. Its total installed capacity is 1000MW and designed annual energy output 1762GWh and annual corresponding energy consumed for pumping water 2274GWh. The construction period is 6 years and the station is expected to have first unit put into commercial operation in October 2011 and all units into operation by the end of 2012. The power station consists of upper reservoir, lower reservoir, water conveyance system, underground powerhouse and a ground substation etc. A dam to be built on upper reservoir is a reinforced concrete facing rockfill one with the maximum height of 89.5m. The reservoir’s normal storage water level is 222m and a total storage capacity 17.48 million m3. The lower reservoir is formed by excavating lower-lying land in a valley and building a dam with the maximum height 21.5m. Its normal storage water level is 14.6m and total storage capacity 14.35 million m3.
    As one of power supplies for peak load regulation within East China Power Grid, Anhui Xiangshuijian Pumped Storage Power Station will do peak load regulation and trough load fill and emergency standby. The power station after built and having operated will play a powerful supportive role in optimization of power supply structure of East China Power Grid and improvement of power grid’s operational state. Through more than 30 years of unremitting efforts, Anhui Xiangshuijian Pumped Storage Power Station officially started construction on December 8, 2006.