Hydropower Station
Mianhuatan Hydropower Station
    Mianhuatan Hydropower Station is located in the middle section of Mianhuatan valley on main stream of Tingjiang River in Yongding County, Fujian Province. The site is 21km from Yongding County seat, 246km from Xiamen City and its downstream about 700km from Guangdong Province. The project is focused on power generation and with comprehensive associated benefits of flood control, navigation and aquaculture etc. The project with a total installed capacity of 600MW (4×150MW) has a guaranteed output of 88MW and an annual power yield of 1520 GWh and a function of incomplete yearly regulation. There are five circuits of 220kV transmission line are used for transmitting power mainly to Longyan, Zhangzhou and Xiamen within Fujian provincial power grid, and the power transmission distance is averagely within 150km.
    The project, by occupying a moderate location with convenient external access and good topographical and geological conditions, is the largest hydropower source in Southwest of Fujian Province and one of main power sources of Fujian provincial power grid and can take the task of peak regulation and frequency modulation for the provincial grid. It plays an important role in improving the power sources layout within the provincial power grid as well as the safe and stable operation of the power grid.