Hydropower Station
ISIMBA HPP Project in Uganda

Yixin Dam project located in southern Uganda, the main hydraulic structures by hydropower plant, dam, dam, spillway dam Bottom Table hole spillway dam composition, the Ugandan government has been identified as one of Yelena hydropower project core national project . The total installed capacity of power plant 183.2 MW, a total of four vertical Kaplan turbine generator, a unit capacity of 45.8MW. Turbine rated head of 15.10m, rated flow 1375m3 / s. Embankment dam using clay core rock-fill dam type, crest elevation 1057.50m, crest width of 10m, on the left bank embankment dam crest segment length 375.16m, on the right bank embankment dam crest length segment for 1049.52m. Gravity embankment dam and powerhouse located spillway convergence site. Maximum height of 26.50m. Spillway SP1 arranged on the right powerhouse, spillway hole total of three holes, hole bottom elevation of 1029.00m, the top surface elevation is 1025.00m.